What is Panchira?

Panchira (パンチラ, Panchira) means upskirt (showing your panties) in Japan. The word is a portmanteau of “panty” (パンティー, pantī) and chira, the Japanese sound symbolism representing a glance or glimpse.

Panchira is an expression used by Japanese women to warn each other that their underwear is visible; the term carries risque connotations similar to the phrase “your slip is showing” or ‘XYZ!’ (Examine your zipper) to a guy whose fly was down in English usage or japanese kids would yell ‘Panchira!’ to make fun of her.

In anime and manga, panchira refers to a panty-shot or upskirt take. It has been used extensively by Japanese artists and animators since the early sixties. panchira is linked with the lewd humor that would, in time, become a staple of Japanese animation and entertainment in general.

In the present day, panchira pervades almost every known anime genre, making it – arguably – one of the defining characteristics of the artform. It is particularly prevalent in so-called harem anime, adult romances and hentai.

In japanese AV its mostly the same thing, paying girls to show their panties, but well it also derives into some other forms of peeping tom like kamikaze panchira (asking girls on the street to show their panties) or sharking (pulling down panties on girls on the street by surprise) ^~^

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