Top 12 Facts Abou

  1. Japan has been inhabited since 30,000 B.C.
  2. Restaurants give you moist towels before your meal, as well as green tea.
  3. It is considered inappropriate to blow your nose in public.
  4. Japan is the only country in the world that has had atomic weapons used against it.
  5. 23% of the Japanese population is over the age of 65.
  6. The only foreign language taught and mandated in Japanese schools is English.
  7. Raised floors in Japanese houses indicate when to take off your shoes.
  8. Japan has cafes where people can play with puppies and kittens.
  9. In Japanese, karaoke means “empty orchestra.”
  10. Japan boasts the longest reigning monarchy in the world.
  11. Japan is the world’s largest consumer of Amazon rain forest timber.
  12. There is almost no immigration in Japan. The population is 98% ethnic Japanese.
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