Japanese Word Lis

Tasukete! – Help!, Save me!, Spare my/his life. You can add the sufix “kudasai” to indicate a polite request tasukete-kudasai.  (also common is Tasukete! Tomaranai! – Help i cant stop!)

Teichyou – Captain, commander, every mecha anime has one ^_^’

Teki – If it’s used as a noun, enemy, opponent or rival.

Tomodachi – It meanx friend(s).

Tsuki – Moon, month, luck, … “Tsuki” has several uses depending on its kanji writing. If you only have the kana writing you’ll have to look at the context to determine the correct translation. [Sailor Moon]: “Tsukino Usagi” although it is a name literally means Rabbit of the Moon.

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