Japanese Word Lis

Hai – Yes. Used in normal and formal speech.
Hajimemashite – Nice to meet you. Literally: “I meet you for the first time.” This is expression is used in normal and polite speech when people meet for the first time. A more informal variant is Yoroshiku.
Hen na – Strange/Weird/Scary.
Hentai – Pervert. In Japanese its more common to say Ecchi.
Hi – Day, fire, flame, sun, light, spoon, ice, … “Hi” has many uses depending on its kanji writing. If you only have the kana writing you’ll have to look at the context to determine the correct translation. [Slayers]: “Ano hi”, the times that Lynna can’t cast any spells, means That time of the month. [Sailor Moon]: “Hino Rei” although it is a name literally means Rei of fire.
Hidoi – Awful/Severe/Cruel/Bitter. Can also be used on its own as an exclamation, pretty usual in anime.
Hikari – Light. [Slayers]: “Hikari no Ken” is the Sword of Light.
Hime – Princess, very common to also use an honorific with it, like Hime-sama.
Hoshi – Star. [Captain Harlock, Queen Emeraldas, GE 999]: “Hoshi no umi” translates as “Sea of stars”, one of the most beautiful metaphors I ever encountered in a series.
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