Japanese Kawaii G

Hummm well its kawaii sometimes, well unless they are naturally… ahhh yeah yeah back to point ^_^’ here are some popular styles with japanese girls… nowadays teeeheeeheeee

Japanese Fashion Maids

Meido (Japanese phonetic of maid) is also a jargon term among some otaku to refer to a type of stock female character in manga and anime. The characterization can have a cute or ecchi connotation depending on the writer. Most address their employers as goshujinsama or ojousama (especially the former. The latter is generally used for the employers daughter).

The character differs from the traditional image of a typical housekeeper in being young, highly attractive, and usually wearing a maid outfit vaguely similar to a classic English or French design . In shonen and seinen the outfit is almost universally fetishist: low-cut to show off the legs and chest, excessively colorful and/or frilly, and usually with white apron of variable length.

Meido are often written in a comedic light, having employers with variably subtle embarrassing personality quirks which they put up with, having completely different personalities when “off the clock”, or reprimanding their masters like children.

Many bishojo shows which contain scenes of characters in large households or doing spring cleaning inevitably produce art with the characters in these sorts of outfits. The maids are often dressed in a combination of french maid-styled uniforms in attempt to look “moe”. They also behave in a “cute” and “moe” manner. Sometimes, the maid outfit is augmented with cat or bunny ears. At maid cafes, most service staff members are female, and male jobs are typically limited to bar-backing and janitorial duties.

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