Awesome Japanese

For the time you wanna get busy, Japanese girls respond very well to… well… Japanese hehehe, the / just means you can say in one way or another, the M=Male Phrases, F=Female Phrases, in the sense that its a man or a woman saying them!

JP) Kisu shite-mo ii?
EN) May I kiss you?

JP) Kisu shite.
EN) Kiss me.

JP) Aishiteru. / Daisuki dayo.
EN) I Love You.

JP) Watashi wa anata no mono.(F) / Boku wa kimi no mono.(M)
EN) I’m Yours.

JP) Kirei dayo.
EN) You look beautiful.

JP) Aishite-mo ii?*
EN) May I love you?

JP) Suteki yo.(F) / Suteki dayo.(M)
EN) You’re attractive.

JP) Kirei na hitomi dane.
EN) You have beautiful eyes.

JP) Ii nioi.
EN) You smell sweet.

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